Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh, No – Oh, Yes

“Oh, no” was my first reaction when I felt that tickle and slight burning sensation in my sinus and throat late yesterday afternoon.  Following a familiar train of thought my slight tickle soon became a full-fledged catastrophe. Today of all days!  Now I’m going to feel rotten for our daughter’s wedding and reception this weekend.  Memories of nasty colds in the past crowded my mind, and a verse from one of Tevia’s songs in “Fiddler on the Roof” began playing in my head.

With our daughter getting married
And … (you’re getting a cold)
You’re upset, you’re worn down
Stay inside, go lie down

Well the “go lie down” part was at least good advice!  But then, thankfully, I became aware of how my thoughts and emotions were running away with their own agenda.  It was time for me to take a few deep breaths and let myself feel what was really happening.  It was time for me to determine the agenda.

“Oh, Yes” it was happening.  My body knew the signs.  But since I’ve become more present to what is, I see how easy it is for me to catastrophize; how easy it is for me to make any situation much, much worse.

Just being there with this “cold” I realized that is was not that bad.  I knew how to address my symptoms and reduce the chances of spreading it to others.  With that awareness, I was able to just accept what was already here and gently begin to look after myself.  What a relief!

Suddenly, things looked brighter, and I felt comforted.  Recollections of how, in the past, this simple acceptance has seemingly shortened and reduced the severity of any illness came to mind.  I don’t think this is an accident, or that I am fooling myself.  I truly believe that simple acceptance actually helps my body heal.  The energy I formerly used to resist, deny and imagine disastrous outcomes, is now available to my immune system who really does know what to do when I let it.

So today, although I’m not cured, I am feeling pretty good.  The symptoms are still there, and I will, with some regret, forgo the hugs and kisses.  But I am really feeling pretty well and I know I will enjoy this very special weekend.

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  1. I so appreciate what you are saying about acceptance. After having four colds (four colds!) this year, I am finally starting to learn to not only accept but appreciate the fact that I am forced to do nothing but lie down, blow my nose and just sink into being.I take the time to rest and reflect. However, I must admit, I can only do that for two, maybe three days at most... then I start getting antsy and a little, shall we say, resentful ("I did my part", I cry to my body, the universe... whoever, "now do yours!"). Practice makes perfect, they say, but hopefully I can learn this lesson with more emphasis on the theory and not practicing with yet another cold.

    May you and your family have a lovely and blessed time this weekend.